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question on tires


I bought some 17 x 9's and 17x10.5's for my 03gt.... wonder what the recommend size to put on them is? i was thinking 315-35-17  , and 255's up front.... question is, will the 315's fit in the back without rubbing? and are the 255's the right size for a 9 inch wheel? any help is appreciated, thanks

bump for advice plz, debating between the 315's or 305's in the back with 255's up front, just want to make sure the 315's will fit a 03 gt without rubbing.

I believe the biggest that will fit is 305 and even that only certain brands. How much power does your car make? If it's stock, you don't really need that wide of tires unless you are just doing it for looks. As for the fronts, I have no idea if that would fit. I imagine it would. My 07 has 235. I've seen a 98 with 245. 255 is not that much bigger, it probably would fit. Wider tires will be worse in rain though. lol i guess you don't care though. It doesn't rain a whole lot in Kansas does it? I live in Vancouver and you'd think we lived underwater with the way the weather is today!

 i seen your post i just looked at my '00 gt and i have 265 in the rear and 245 up front and i dont rub and the car looks great with them
but it is rather close i am not sure how much bigger a 255 is than a 245 but i wouldnt go bigger than 245


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