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I got a question, i have a 65 ford mustang with a date code of 04B, the engine code is C5AE-6015-E 4L4 so car was built feb 4th 65 the engine was built nov 4th 64, Im wondering is my car a 641/2>??? my engine code is C i know there really isnt a 64 1/2 its just an early mine>??????   

Your car is a mid-year build 1965. The engine was cast on November 4th, 1964. Whether it is the original engine on not, is difficult to determine. The is a second date code for engine assembly as well. And, just for info, Ford started to build 1965 Mustangs (the exact date is dependant on which plant) in August, 1964.

No doubt about it.  You have a 65.  Most agree that the plants tore down and retooled on August 1'st, but some say not until the 15th or so.  At any rate, your November 64 and February 65 parts are definitely a real live 1965 Mustang. 


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