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I am a new Classic Mustang owner, and have a question about a "problem" I have with the VIN information on my 1968 Convertible.
On the door tag the VIN# starts "8T01". According to VIN codes this tells me that the car was produced in'68 in New Jersey and with a body code that is a coupe. Under the VIN#, in the data code, the body is listed as 76B, which is the convertible body with the luxary interior. Why is the body code for a coupe and the body type for a convertible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like someone swapped out the door from a coupe.

But the descrepency(sp?) is on the same medal stamped tag.

Discrepancies happen with VINs sometimes. Keep in mind that in the era when your car was built, a lot of auto workers were, uh - 'a bit under the weather' (or something similar). You should verify all the VINs on your car; the one on the door, the one riveted to the body at the left windshield and the title. A further check can be made with Kevin Marti at Kevin bought the Ford assembly line database for 1967 thru 1973 Fords and can give you a lot of information about your car - for a price of course, around $30.00.



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