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question about 8" rear end gears

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Hi guys, first off I wanna say I'm liking this site. Navigation is relatively easy- even for a computer  illiterate  guy like me lol. Any how, now that my motor is finally done, I am planning on changing the gears on the rear end. I currently have stock gears. What would you recommend for a street and strip gear. I don't plan on doing a lot of strip racing- just want to see how she will do in the qtr. I also would like her to be capable for highway use and not scream like a banshee @ 4 gran. Just looking for a good gear to make her jump off the start.

ol dirty doug:
well if you have plenty of power stick with the lower ratios, like 3.23 or 3.55

First - welcome. That's a lot of engine in such a light car - not a criticism, an observation. I've seen only two other Mustang IIs set up for racing, an injected 302 (5.0?) and a 351W with a 4150 Holley. Both ran well at Laguna Seca.
As to the rear axle, get rid of the 8 inch setup and replace it with a 9 inch. This will require some customizing of axle tubes and shafts but it will hold together. A 3:25 set of gears will be your best bet for street but that also depends on the transmission type.

Since you say you aren't going to be doing a lot of racing,  Jim is right.  Anywhere from 325's to 355's.  I have 355's in my Mach, and the launch is incredible.  373 to 410's will be too much for highway driving.  However, that 8 inch rear is a tough rear, and will stand up to 450 horses in most cases.  Any more ponies than that will cause you to have to go to the 9 incher and some serious mods to the undercarriage, especially the suspension and transmission.   You'll also have to tie that fox body together with some frame rails otherwise she will twist like a mofo. 

Well the 8" rear is a stout rear end I defiantly agree, Ill probably keep it for now since I have no money left to spend on her now:(. I'll check into the gears you guys mentioned and decide . I already have a TCI Streetfighter C-4 tranny rated well over my new hp. So the trannys fine. I also bought sub- frame connectors to tie the frame together, the motors got brand new custom motor mounts, so Im not worried about that end either. My ultimate goal is to pull the front wheels off the ground, I think I will have that chance with this build. Thanks for the suggestions, John


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