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question about 8" rear end gears

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Putting those gears in will need some training on your part.  I wouldn't try it. 

It was a sad day today. I was gonna go to my friends house to put sub frame connectors and traction bars on my car ( he has a lift) I have a massive transmission oil  leak between my bellhousing and tranny probably main seal that means motors gotta come back freakin out! Pain in the a$$!

It's easier to pull the engine to replace the seal than to try to do it with the motor in the car, but with rear wheel drive cars, you can replace the seal by pulling the tranny instead of the motor.   Rear main seal leaks are caused by low oil pressure or the oil hasn't been changed in awhile, or the engine has been sitting for awhile and not lubricated so the seal dries out.  At least we have real seals today rather than the old rope ones. 

Hey…..thanks for suggesting craigslist…………it was worth checking out……..I found 3.89 for my auto…that too in my area only…..this works great…

What gears to use is effected by your weight and your tire diameter.  Also your RPM potential.  If you run a short tire in a Fox Mustang, and if you are used to 2.73 gears with a T5, changing to 3.73 gears will stun you!  This with a 25" tall tire...or less.  In an older pony with a 28" tall tire, that same ratio will not give you the same thrill on takeoff, nor will it satisfy the top end charge without overdrive.

My opinion:  If you are NOT using overdrive, don't dip below 3.50 *(higher is lower with gears) for a highway use car.  If you are building a Saturday Night special, go with 4.11 or 4.56.

If you have a Fox...get the 5.0 to offer some over-6000 rpm action, and go with 3.73's and the 5-speed.  If you are street racing (horrors), use a 351 instead.  Chevy guys can't tell a 408W from an anemic 302.  Until it is too late.


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