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question about 8" rear end gears

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That "little" 289 HP had a Crane cam, a Holley 4150 on a high rise, 4.11:1 ratio, Jardine headers, the heads were shaved 0.030 with thin gaskets and with the other mods, I raced in D-Gas. The car was a 1964 Fairlane 500 Sports Coup. The rear axle blew on a street run caused by an axle breaking that tore up the ring gear.  I kept the "stub" for many years to remind me not to do anything stupid again. It didn't work.


Jim ..You have GREAT TASTE in Fords ... here my  Stang and Sports Coupe. And to put my 2 cents in I would if anyway possible try to find a nine inch with the horsepower you have you won't be sorry. They come up cheap from time to time, just keep watching craigslist or take a junkyard tour. There are still good parts out there, 3.55 will work for your Auto, I'm running 3.89  with a 5 speed and turning just over 2300rpm at 70 mph.  and  it still comes out of the hole quick.

The Bronze Fairlane Sports Coupe looks sharp. Mine was black with red interior. It was a special order that I made in early 1964. When the car came in on the 20th of April, 1964, the dealer offered me a straight across trade for a Mustang. I said no.

I changed gars in  an 8" probably 20 years ago and ran across an odd ratio (at least to me at that time)  it was a 3.40:1 if memory serves me correctly.  Behind a well built 302 it was strong enough to hold up to the driving habits of a mid 20's kid with a very heavy foot and little respect for the law.  Launch was good and top end was suspension limited with an FMX transmission as the shimmy and shake got a little out of my comfort zone just north of 120.

I'll once again have to agree with soaring, it seems odd that you trashed a 9" rear with a 289 even if you had 4.10s,- unless you have a habit of doing neutral drops, I cant see it happening. I was , at one time looking for a 9" rear they aren't that easy to find in my area anyhow.


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