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question about 8" rear end gears

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I think you will see me on divorce court if I spend any more money on my II, or my wife might just plain shoot me lol

ol dirty doug:
ya but will it be worth the question!  (i think so)

Women should stay out of the race car discussions.  If you really want a race car, then  neither the 8" or the 9" will serve you well.  I thought we were talking about a street car. 

I got a 65 GT Fastback (225hp rated "A" code) with a 3.00:1 rear axle ratio and a 66 GT Fastback (271hp rated"K" code) with a 3.50:1 ratio. They both top out at around 115mph (shakes). 3.25 is enough. Also having blown an axle on a 9 inch (1964 289HP Fairlane, 4.11:1, D-gas NHRA) I can tell you that an 8 inch is too small, too weak.
Remember - "Speed costs money, how fast can you afford to go?"

Then, there must have been something wrong with that 9 incher Jim.   You can't blow a 9 incher with that little engine if it is good condition.. 


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