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quarters panels

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I gave you the link to Kentucky Mustang 4mn after you asked. Was that fast or what? lol

Yeah that is quick. I live i Ky but my car is in Ks so it would make more sense to get it closer in Ks I guess. I haven't been tracking and looking at alot parts since I dropped my Drill packet but the more names dropped the merry and Race you better get on here bro. STANG OUT

I couldn't find any parts dealer in Kansas but I have a catalog from NPD from 2005 and they were selling their skins for $60.00 each. They are for 71/72 Mustangs but they say they can be easily modified to fit a 73.
Depending of what you need to fix you can also get a quarter repair panel:
Lower front section for $9.00
A section that extends 6" above flare and 40" long for $34.95
The full quarters or skins have to be shipped by truck but the repair sections can be shipped by UPS.
You can order or download their catalog on their site here:
Good luck.

Good looking out BOSS. STANG OUT

hey Russ give this place a call

they should have it
they are located in Kansas City


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