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hi I'm 16 and i'm rather new to the mustang scene, i've found a 1967 mustang fastback in farely good condition in the town i live in has alittle rust and needs new spray job, would 3,000US dollars be to much to pay for it.
much thanks.

ol dirty doug:
hell no its not! you had better swoop up on it before someone else does!  its a fast back!!!!!

okay thanks alot i wasnt to sure if i could get it cheaper prolly could if i gave cash

Show up with the cash in your pocket, but offer less for it and see what transpires.  The body of a fastback is worth that much.  But, understand that you are going to have to put several thousands of dollars into the restoration of that Mustang if your goal is to restore it.  These old cars are not modern day drivers in the condition you describe, so if you want a classic Mustang that has to be reconditioned, you will need some bucks and experience in how to recondition it. 

yeah i understand that i dont think i want to restore it to original condition especialy with some of the problems older cars have with their engines, but i have the money and many books on how to reserect them


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