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Power Window problem on my 2005 GT


Has anyone encountered a problem with the power windows in the winter when the temp drops below freezing?  :-\  My windows will not seal after a freezing day.   >:(  They drop down that 1/4 inch so you can open the door, but they will not go back up to seal when I get out and shut the door, therefore telling the sensors that the door is still open, therefore running the battery dead because of the door is ajar light on all night long.  Ford says you can reset this by lowering and raising the windows after a jump start, but that is a no go.  :'(   I have already replace the driver's side door sensor and now need to do it again.  Not one of Ford's better ideas.  Any help?

Only that you need to take your car to a dealer to have it diagnosed and fixed.  That should be a recall problem that Ford needs to address.  Follow through. 

I had the same or similar problem with my '07. It was intermittent though. Sometimes the windows worked perfectly, other times they would stay down that quarter inch. Also when they were acting up the "one touch up" feature wouldn't work. Having the windows down that quarter inch will not make the car think the door is open by the way. I took the car to the dealer and they replaced the switch, but I think I recently figured out what the real problem was. I was reading the owner's manual because I was bored yesterday and I noticed that it said if the battery got very low on charge the car can lose it's window programming and it tells you how to get it to relearn it. It just so happens that I had another problem with the car which was that if I ever did not drive it for a day the battery would be dead. I took that in to the dealer and they replaced the battery under warranty and I haven't had any problems with it since.
Although it may have been the switch they replaced I think that my battery being weak was why this problem started and I know cold weather only makes batteries weaker. My car was only 2 years old and this happened with the battery so since yours is 4 years old, get them to check that too.


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