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i have a 1968 coupe, at the moment it has power steering but does not work. i am wondering what do i need to convert over to manual steering

You need rack and pinion.  It's costly, but worth it on your '68.

The conversion from power steering to manual is simple - remove everything except the center link. That means removing the pump, belts, hoses, ram and the ram bracket. Your steering will be now be called "armstrong power steering" because the ratio, although usable, will be a little tighter at 16:1. (A manual steering box has a ratio of 19:1.) There will be no adverse affect on any component. If this is to be a permanent conversion, you may want to install a manual steering center link, steering arm and box, otherwide - drive it.

The "Armstrong" power steering I have in my '65 is difficult enough to turn the steering wheel at a dead stop.  I can't imagine "Armstrong" power steering in a '68 while paralell parked.  That car is quite a bit heavier than my little '65. Be sure to save all the parts, because you may change your mind later, or if your pockets are deep enough, you might consider the power rack and pinion as I have suggested.   

i took out the power steering and i was wondering if there was any way i could keep the old steering box but install the non power middle rod


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