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power it safe?

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I used to power shift on my shelby charger..( i kno its a mustang site)....But because its a brand new car and also my ole mans..I wouldnt want to screw something up. Im not talking to do it all the time,,but im dying to crank up those rpms and try!!!!!...................................At least once!!! And if you dont use the can u wear it out??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!


well thunk about it. if your power shifting with out a clutch your just slamming gears into each other. i wouldnt but, just speed shift it or get a good after market shifter to keep the gears closer together, hurst make a good kit and so does B&M

I am sorry to say I would have to agree with Race,lol what is up bro. When you slam it into the next gear all you are doing is making the trans shift before it needs to or after in this case. The best thing is leave it in drive and stomp on it. Oh by the way get a Mustang and you will be glad, lol. STANG OUT

She does have a Mustang but use to do it in her Shelby Charger  ;)

power shift = break gears

Do it if you please


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