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Possibly buying Mustang- First Car

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--- Quote from: Ace of Speights on February 09, 2010, 04:35:20 PM ---Thanks for the reply Soaring.. it helps. I definately don't think I will be able to talk him down to 3k, but I'll try and get him down to 3.5k. If not, and the car is in good condition I still think I'll buy it.
Thierry, is that what kind of mustang it is? Fox GT?

--- End quote ---
Now I understand that you are buying the car in Canada.  I guess Thierry is correct about cars being higher priced in Canada, especially if it is in good condition.  Check it over really well before you buy. 

Ace of Speights:
Hey guys so I checked it out this evening. It definately looks good and  sounds awesome.. so loud. Now about the engine rebuild.. he doesn't have the receipts for it. When I bring it into a mechanic will he be able to tell if the engine is running fine? Thx

I was going to say take it to a mechanic to have it checked, but today's mechanics usually rely on the reading from the computer. 

Ace of Speights:
Hmm that's not good lol. I guess I'm taking a chance with it.

You'll probablybe ok With it,   Go for it if the body is sound. 


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