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Hi I need help On my 1994 Mustang Gt. currently i have a stock differential and I want to switch it to a Posi as well as adding 420 gears. does anyone have advice how to do this step by step I really appreciate it

ol dirty doug:
the gt should have a stock 8.8 posi unit in it from the factory. 4.10 gears is the way to go, i have not seen 4.20 gears and im sure they are 3 times more expensive due to the odd ratio.

Yeah, I've never heard of 4:20 gears either. 

it has the limited slip diff. and sorry about that i did meant 4.10 gears. so it's just the same as a posi unit?

ol dirty doug:
ya if it slips just replace the springs and clutchs fairly easy if you are ok with tools


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