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okay Guys I am trying to get mass knowledge spiit on here about that por15. I have never used it but I know people who have and they love it. I have done some reading and see that you can buy three stages for pre ,during and finish stage.

  I would like you to share what you have done, seen, heard and maybe great places to go and buy POR 15. STANG OUT

If there is any chance there is any oil or grease on the rusty metal, it will have to be degreased with a water based marine cleaner.  Then you neutralze the rust and prep it with "Metal Ready."  Then you coat it with POR 15 and then top coat with any color you choose.  You do not scrape any rust.  Just paint right on top of it.  What the POR 15 does, is it changes the metal chemically so it completely stops the rusting action. 

 I heard that Por15 is not as good as it used to be. Did you try it lately?

Wouldn't that still leave depending on how much rust is there, leave a soft spot. Like I said I never used it but have heard great things about it, and it sounds like it could save you some time but it looks like you really pay for. I am sure others will leave notes on here that have used it lately, yeah soaring I saw the stages you are talking about and if you use all of them together it really looks like it would work great.

 Por15 is only good for surface rust on strong metal. The soft spots will still have to be cut and replaced by metal.


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