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Pony Bucket Leather Seats


96 GT convertible with very cracked leather seating...  anyone know of GOOD options for repair versus expensive replacement?  I've checked seat covers and junk yards for seats but very hard to find goods.  Is there any answer other than re-upolstering you know about??

I build seats for for f-150s. there leather or should i say pleather(plastic-leather) is very low grade. As you can see it is very thin,thats why it cracks. replacing just the cover will cost you around 300 bucks or more. Here are some ideas you should consider to do. you could invest 300 to 400 bucks on new seats. you can find great deals on ebay.

Or take the covers off and bust the seams of the cover that is damaged on replace it with a new section. follwing
just take the bad section out ,trace the pattern on the new fabric and cut it out,and resew a new panal in, you can see this on Overhualen. in the Challenger  episode. I helped a buddy do this to his 48 ford and turned out really good. you could also replace the bad section with a differnt color and fabric type to make accents of your beast and last longer   give it a " custom look"


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