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Police Officer in Bakersfield Area needed for Ford Mustang!!!


Hi folks

i'm new to the mustang world, well i'd like to be part of that. but unfortunatly the 1966 mustang i bought over ebay in mid april from mike o'dell,

Bill's Mustang & Classic Cltbl
160D E Norris Rd
Bakersfield CA 93308
Phone 6613937708

i paid, of course and he didn't ship the car to switzerland as of today. now i need help to get the car or the money back. maybe the car doesn't even exist or is sold already. the vin# 6F08T251510. is there anybody that knows something about this car?

mike always tells me that he will ship the car when the paperwork is done. does this take 3 month in the US? i don't think so.

does anybody know something about this car? is there maybe a police officer in this area that could go and talk to the guy?

 I made some searches and it seems that he owns a legitimate business but three months to ship a car doesn't seem right. Did you contact Ebay about it?
The only information I have found about the serial number is the Ebay listing indexed by Yahoo in April. Does the seller have any feedback or active auctions at the moment?

hi thierry

it seems he has no ongoing auctions at the moment. but maybe under another name.

he had good feedbacks until march/april this year.

i contacted ebay. it's all automated and they say they will take action but can't tell what and the results... so no chance from this side.

Hi Pat.
 Did you do the transaction outside of Ebay? If not, they offer a buyer protection on anything you buy on ebay. I don't know how it works but if you don't get what you paid for Ebay or their insurance should refund the money you spent.
  I doubt you will find a police officer from Bakersfield here and even if you find one, he won't have any authority to help you. The only solution would be to call your local police and it might go to Interpol.

You first need to call (telephone)Bill's Mustang to try to see why he has not shipped the Mustang to you.  If you are not satisfied with his answer, then you need to contact Ebay with your complaint.  Neither the police nor this site can offer you any support or help.  Sorry. 


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