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Please help with my 91 GT


What up everyone. I hope someone can help me, I finally got my GT back from the body shop after setting 2 years in my driveway with slight front end damage and busted radiator but now I can't seem to keep it running. The place that fixed it said it started up after about 9 or 10 cranks but ever sense then it has gotten worst. I run dianostics on it in KOEC mode and there were no codes. Then I tried running KOER but can't keep the engine running long enough. I also changed the fuel regulator and check the fuel filter. The fuel pump is running when I turn on the key. My car is running really rich and I beleive it is flooding the car to a stall. When I do get it running which is when it's a little cooler outside it wants to stall out at about 2k RPM. Please help! I,m a newbie on your site and I appreciate anyting you guy's can tell me. GREAT SITE! Thanks

How did you check the fuel filter? You should take it off and blow threw it and if there is any restriction and if there is you might want to replace it. Did you ever changed your gas? Have you checked your plugs? All those things could have a factor but that is a good starting point.

Keep me informed and let me know what you found and I hope that helped or started

disconnect the MAF sensor and see how it runs. if it runs significantly better you either need to clean or replace it

Did that and there was no difference.

I'm more of an expert with the old classics, and I am not real sure of the nomenclature of all the parts on the SN95 but I do own an 03 Mach1, and when I took my K&N filter out to clean it, I disconnected the air tube from the EFI and tried to start the engine with it disconnected so I could spray some cleaner in there.  Anyway, it acted just like you describe yours as acting.  Make sure the tube is connected all the way from the filter, through the MAF and into the EFI. 


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