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please help im a 73 mach 1 newbie!

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hi all!
im new to the forum, i just would like to know are there people who've restores a 73? and i just got back from iraq after 2 long years and i now have a project id like to work elanor! and where do you buy parts for restoration? :-D

Welcome to our forum. [img align=left][/img]
Racedraper is actually restoring the same Mustang as yours and he is very active in our forums so you may get a lot of help from him.
I have a parts catalog from National Parts Depot so if you need to know the price of parts just ask. They have a good selection but other companies will give you the same quality products. Body parts for 71/73 Mustangs are a bit harder to find than for older Mustangs but mecanicaly you should have no problem.
If you want to submit pictures of your Mustang feel free to do so in this forum or in the readers ride picture gallery section.
Good luck with your project.

Hey i'm restoring my 73 mach 1 and would be glad to answer some question if you need it but i dont know everything. I was also wondering if anyone out there had a good wiring diagram or new where one was on the internet for this car because my manuals doesn't show the plugs.

Racedraper, him again :) did post wiring diagrams for Mustangs between 1965 and 1969 and said he could post them for others up to 1973.
Wire diagrams
If you are being nice with him maybe he can help :)

Jerry Baker:
As for parts you have a lot of places.  National Parts Depot, California Mustangs, Paddocks ( I think it is spelled that way) and more.

When I get home I will make a list and numbers for all the books I have and post them for you.


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