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Please Help. Can't get my car running again.


So here it is. I just got done removing my engine, putting all new gaskets on and other stuff, and putting everything back together. Now, the car cranks over but doesn't fire. Actually, sometimes it cranks over and sometimes there is just a ticking noise. Any suggestions for that problem? But anyways, I am not sure why it won't fire over. Its getting spark and fuel, and I put the crank at top dead center, and put the distributor at the #1 position. And everything seems to be hooked up that I can see. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be wrong? I had one friend ask if it had old gas in it. She hasn't run since roughly late may early june. Would the gas have gone bad?
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.....

Also, attatched is a picture of a wire that comes out by my starter solenoid. Not sure what its for or where it goes but if someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Someone told me it might have something to do with power mirrors, but I don't have those so I'm guessing they are wrong. If more pictures are needed please let me know.

Thanks again

It could be the wire you can't find a place for so you should fix that first.  I don't know where it might go but I'd suggest getting a wiring diagram to find out what it goes to.  You should be able to get a Haynes manual at your local auto parts store (or on line) and your local library may have a Chiltons for your car.

Also, you said you put the crank at TDC but was #1 cylinder at TDC?  If it was not, it needs to be to properly index the distributor (could be 180 degrees out).  You can do a test to find out - pull the spark plug from the #1 cylinder, hold your finger over the hole while you hand crank the engine.  When the pressure on your finger is highest that cylinder is close to TDC and you can use the timing marks to get it at TDC.  Then make sure the distributor is correctly oriented.


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