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Hey, it's your car.  Do with it what you want.  Yeah, be sure to click some pics with a decent camera when it is done.   ;D

I will! My camera broke about two weeks ago and I haven't spent the money on a new one yet. The pictures will be professional quality this time, though!

Everybody has their opinion and choice of cameras, but my old FinePix A303 has served me well, and it takes great shots if I do my part right.  It's made by FujiFilm.  I'm sure there are better ones out there, but for sheer simplicity, I like mine.  Sure does eat up batteries though.   ;D


--- Quote from: Soaring on February 20, 2010, 03:26:33 PM ---Or just keep the car red, and add a black racing stripe. 
--- End quote ---
YAWN-nnnn. Z-Z-Z-zzzzz

I have seen enough "freaks" to have an opinion to keep our Mustangs relatively normal.  Does the color combination really matter that much though?  Color doesn't go fast.   


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