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I have a 95 GT with the Stalker kit and hood. Right now it is a bright red with the red interior. I was thinking a two tone scheme with a stripe to separate the colors. I know the interior color limits my options, but I will consider any suggestions. If anyone has any ideas or pics to help, please comment.

My car has the same kit as this one except mine is a coupe. (I can't afford anything like that)  :)

If you are asking for opinions, I would leave it like it is.  But, the only color I can think of that goes with red is white or possibly black.  My Mach is red with the black racing stripe and I think it looks rad. 

Yeah, I was thinking a really dark gray metallic or black pearl. I'm looking for a red that isn't as bright as what I have now too, something that has a deeper tint to it. The only thing that I can't do to it is a candy paint.

I really like the "Torch Red" that is on my 03 Mach.  It is still red, but not leaning toward purple.  It's all a matter of preference though, isn't it?  I like the brigher colors on Mustangs, and my torch red is just perfect for me. 

Do you have a pic of your car with the mods and wheels?  I can help with some photo editing ideas.
With the red/red combo you have, you might consider some kind of "ghosting" effects with a darker or lighter red.  Also, since your tires are black and some window trim is also black, then a black graphic would be suitable as well.

Some people will change the colors of the interior panels, like armrests, air conditioning trim, radio bezels and the easy mod of the steering wheel cover to add a second useable color on the outside.  These are VERY easy to remove, repaint, and reinstall that most anyone can do.  For instance, if you like red and yellow, you could change the color of those interior trim pieces to yellow and add some yellow graphics to the outside of the car. :)


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