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ol dirty doug:
i think a black cherry with some sort of torch red racing stripes like one commonly found on chevelles would be sick.( but you have to have the 1/4 inch border stripe around them). like these...

or a red and black job like this

the red and gold looks like crap sorry guys

See, you have an opinion too.  Good for you.  In my opinion, the gold or the white racing stripe looks great on a vintage Mustang, but not on an SN95 and up.   Personally,I like them plain Jane and clean.  If it's not a race car, why have racing stripes? 


--- Quote from: stang98 on February 21, 2010, 11:23:21 PM ---the red and gold looks like crap sorry guys

--- End quote ---

eh its not crappy....not the gt350h at least....the sn95 with the whole top of the car gold and red on bottom not so much

red and gold go good together because they are close to each other on the color wheel

I think you'll like it.  I'm glad you chose something different.  It will look much nicer than all those common plain-jane :P stock red cars and set you apart.


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