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I really would like to change the interior color, but I don't have the money to change it. Plus, the red interior on the 94-95 Mustangs are fairly rare. I'm just sick of all red at this point though. I think a little change would do it some good. I really wanted to do a blue and silver two tone but I can't with the interior. If I had the money to buy a black or gray interior, I would. But, for now I have to keep the red.

Red isn't bad.  Live with it. 

I think it will look cool like that 2-tone combo...AND with the red interior.  I'm going with an all red interior in my car because black or gray interiors are so common and overdone they are boring. :o
Glad you liked the pics, now go get it painted and have fun with it!   Bring it to Missouri and I can put the pinstripe on for you too! ;D

Yeah, if you are going to go black on Red for the exterior like that pic (which is ugly  ;D) I would take the black all the way to the ground on the center of the bumpers.  Or just keep the car red, and add a black racing stripe.  That would be the cheapest way out, and give it some class.   Look at my Mach in my signature picture, and see if that could be a choice.  I like it.  Just enough black to break up the red exterior. 

I just called my paint guy and set up an appt. The car goes March 15th for paint, so I should have pics up by the end of March. I'm pretty sure about the Charcoal/Silver/Red idea. There's a few red mustang's that are running around my home town that have the black racing stripes already, so I don't want to blend in ;D. But I should have pics up throughout the project.


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