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My opinion?  That is an ugly Mustang.   

I don't like the black very much. I think a dark charcoal would make it look 1000x better. And it really needs something to separate the two colors.

Ok, how about these concepts.  I think I like the dark metallic charcoal best (a step up above black), but I did some medium dark silver and also an orange just for some other options.
Oh, I also think that the front "V" around grill and between headlights should be painted too.  I didn't like the sample photo with it red between there.
Have fun!  :D

Thanks a lot for those pics. I really like the second one. I think that's the scheme I'm going to go with. I'm just going to go with a different shade of red. Here are the interior pictures. Once again, cell phone quality but it gets the job done.[attachimg=1][attachimg=2]

 :o I dont like either

Thats a lot of red too.

Have you thought about going all black on the interior and changing the outside color of the car? I would really go with a orange (I wanted to go orange on mine but went Aquamarine instead) Do something that will stand out from all the other mustangs.


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