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Hello, I'm the owner of this '67 Mustang. I'm looking for old owners or anybody able to tell me something about my stang. Thanks.

Jerry Baker:
here is what I can tell you from your number

"7"   it is a 1967
"R"   it was built in San Jose Ca.
"01" is the body code for hardtop
"C"   says you the car came out with a 289-2V motor
"146513"  is the Consecutive Unit Number

If you have the Door Plate and all them number I can tell you more.

Hope that helped some

Thank you Doug, but I try to look for the history of this car. ;-)

Jerry Baker:
ah Ok.  I will see if I can find any thing.

I don't think there is a way to find out the history of a car that age. Carfax may give you a list of past owners but if they do it won't be for a car prior to 1980.
Your only chance is that a passed owner reads this and recognize the serial number by memory. In other words it's mission impossible :)


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