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Overhaul kit and hints

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I am looking for the complete overhaul kit for my 351C 2V. I would also like some hints on what you would like to do to make my 177 HP motor run faster without changing the look of the motor. Supercharger or blower is out of the question but cam  and roller opinion always worth hearing about. STANG OUT

An air cleaner would hide a four barrel carburetor, but a set of higher compression pistons and a cam are also a good choice.

well I am trying ot find the pleumem for the ram air, and that would be hot, and I got my 3:55 gears today . STANG OUT

  Keep the info comming thank

i bought my master rebuild kit from paw(they have the 2 page low color ad in hot rod etc.) i bought the master racing instead of the plain rebuild it had pop trw forged pistons balanced rotating assembly etc i think it was around 1400$ balanced etc

a good 4v intake and some headers and a nice cam a 351 c will be a 400hp motor

Yeah but I cannot use a 4v since I have a two valve, Right? I don't know for sure but think I have to match it. I would like to get a guide to what all came in that rebuild kit. I would like to get something like that thanks


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