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Overhaul kit and hints

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Nah, you can add a 4v intake manifold and a 4 barrel carb to  351 2v heads, but you aren't gaining much.  Check out putting some aftermarket aluminum heads such as AFR's then add the 4v intake such as a Weiand Stealth and a 750 cfm Holley with some decent long tube headers and an X pipe with your twin 2 1/2" pipes and flowmaster 40 series, then you will have a seat grabbing setup with those 3.55 gears, but you will get a bigger punch with 3.73's up to the 4.10's.    Now, that all is based on the fact that you also rebuilt the bottom end of the engine with correct pistons, rods and crank.  However, this will drastically change the look of your original engine.  If you want to keep it original looking when you pop the hood, then follow Jim and Stephen's advice.  Power costs a lot of money.  And, no.....hotrodding is not out of vogue...just enough money to geter dun..... I guess what I am saying, is that there are a lot of companies who make basic rebuild kits for all engines, but if you want it to be more than the basic 351 engine at say 277 hp that you already have, you need to be inventive and get outside the box to think about your engine rebuild. 

Yeah, I really trying to get the HP without the look. I think I would put an alummium intake and headers but that would be it. I couldn't put those heads on there, don't get me wrong I would love to dump alot of money into the motor but then I would start to get away and then the car would end up so far from factory then I would waste a car that I am a second owner and has had nothing done to it expect oil change. I am still checking into everything,now if I put a good intake on the 2v and card could I run it as well as the 4V.thanks Soaring

Not a problem buddy...I would also keep it original.  And right now, you don't have to do anything but change the oil and filter, check the timing, change the plugs and change the points to do a tune-up. I would spend my energy on the body of that Mach for now.  You can worry about how it runs once you get it out of the garage with a new coat of paint. 

I am going to get rids of those points I have only driven her about 10 times and she runs good tell you get her to about 65 and then starts to cough out on me. I am going to have to take the motor out to get these fender aprons on and I would like since it makes sense to clean the motor up then but who knows. I am also trying to find a way to keep that OK stamp on there. Keep the ideas comming.

Like I said, focus your energy on the body and interior for now since that is what you started with.  Most guys go for the mechanics first when restoring, but since you have already obviously commited to the body, then stick with that plan.  Then, your second plan would be the integrity of the frame and frame related body panels such as the floor pans.  Then, the braking system needs attention.  Either upgrade to disks on all fours or keep it as is.  The next to last thing you need to spend money on is the engine and running gear if it is already running.  And, the very last thing to be concerned about is the stereo system.  The 70$ pertronix electronix system is all you need on that stock 351.  It takes about a nano second to change from points to Pertronix. 


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