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Overdrive Slippage

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When i have the overdrive on in my 2001 automatic mustang, it shifts fine from 1 to 3rd gear, but then sometimes wont go into fourth gear and its like it doesn't catch and my rmps just rise when i hit the gas.. My trans fluid doesn't smell burned and its at a good level ( i've checked it while its turned off and both in idle).  Is there some sort of trans converter that i could replace easily?  If i go to a dealership will they screw with me about this and tell me i need a new trans? Any ideas?  Thanks for your help! - ally!

You need to take your Mustang to a reliable dealer in your area to assess the problem.  The dealers have the proper equipment to determine what your problem is. It could just be a simple adjustment, or replacing a part.  More than likely though, your servos need adjusting (tightened) and the fluid and filter need changing. 

i too am having the same problem.  my husband changed the fluids and the filter last night, but the problem with the overdrive seems to be worse.  are the servos a pain to get to?  or is this something he should be able to do.  i can drive the car with the OD off, will this hurt it for now?

if we have to rebuild the trans, anybody know what i should expect to pay for a 3.8 2001 model?


Hi Kristi, and welcome to this site.  My suggestion is that you take that puppy to a Ford dealer and have them access the problem.  Yes, it may cost you a little more in the short term, but in the long term you will come out ahead.  Your AOD has some slipping clutches that need attention.  It's not your transmission clutches that are slipping, but the AOD clutches.  No, it won't hurt to drive it with the AOD turned off. 

ah i see now.  will do.  thank you very much! ;D


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