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Over Heating


Jackie Jameson:
I have a rebuilt (Supposedly) 1966 with a 289ci.
It has a new 3 tier radiator, radiator cap, and functional water pump.  No air conditioner.
I had a problem where radiator fluid would leak out from different places.  My mechanic told me I had the wrong radiator cap which was rated to high on preassure.  He placed a new cap in place and this seemed to solve my problem but,  when driving in hot weather my radiator fluid expand and over flows the overflow container (just installed).  I do not know if the fluid ever goes back to the radiator or not.  Should I remove the thermostadt?
It tends to overheat when I slow down and stop to get gas.
Any suffestions will be appreciated.

hey bro, I will try to help all I can.  First, is the thermostat for the right engine? Do you have a fan shourd? Manual or electric fan? All of those can make a difference.  The fluid should go back in the radiator if it is set up to but if it is a top fill it will not.  You might want to flush your radiator.   If it was me I would replace the thermostat first and see if that help, that shourd help zone in the air making sure it is pulling enough to your motor. Do you have a fan clutch or not? Let me know nad I can help from there. STANG OUT

One possible reason a car for overheating is that antifreeze is not circulating through the engine as it should. When a car thermostat problem does show up itís probably one of two things, it can stick shut, in which case the ĎEngine Tempí light will come on or a high temperature will show on your temperature gauge.


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