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I just bought my parents a 1964 1/2 Mustang for christmas and it has all of the original parts but they do not look as good as I would like. Would two 60 year old Mustang lovers care if I sold the original parts for pretty new repo ones or should I pay to have these peices brightened. Especially the chrome parts. Please any one give me your opinion.

Repo parts generally do not fit as well as new, they cause the car's value to be lower and the amount of work it takes to make them look right is greater than the amount to repair original parts in reasonable shape.  If you have a fender that is crushed or heavy rust damage, byu all means use repro parts, but if it is dings and minor dents and faded paint, salvage that old metal as much as possible.

After you price what it costs to have your old chrome parts replated, those so-so aftermarket repop parts start to look pretty good.   Now if you have a wide open budget.........


I guess I will agree the reproduction chrome parts may be a reasonable compromise, but as far as sheetmetal goes, original is still the way to go if it can be salvaged.

I have reskinned both doors on my 64.5 mustang.  I used repop skins.  I would use them again if needed.  I have installed one repop quarter panel (mostly installed) and it is a pretty good fit.  In the next month or so I will begin removal of the other quarter and have a repop for it's replacement as well.

These are inexpensive, run to the mill repop items.  I have no quals about their quality.  Is my car going to be a 10 of 10 show stopper?  NOPE!  Just a nice, clean daily driver.

Bush, what is your objective for this mustang?



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