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Here; are the factory options for a '73.  I see no mention on Mach1 doors.  ;D

1973 Mustang

     1973 Mustangs were the last of a famous generation of Mustangs. The high-performance engines were already becoming less available. And it just so happened that the convertibles were also becoming an "endangered species" of Mustang. After `73, the Mustang wouldn't see another convertible. Convertibles returned nine years after there deletion, in 1983.

Hardtop - 51,480
Fastback (Sportsroof) - 10,820
Convertible - 11,853
Hardtop Grande - 25,274
Fastback (Sportsroof) Mach 1 - 35,440
TOTAL - 134,867
 VIN NUMBERS  -  3T05C100001
3 - Last digit of model year
T - Assembly Plant (F=Dearborn, T=Metchen)
05 - Plate code (01=Hardtop, 03=convertible, 02=fastback, 04=Grande, 05=Fastback Mach 1)
F - Engine Code
100001 - Consecutive unit number
Hardtop - $2,760
Fastback (Sportsroof) - $2,820
Convertible - $3,102
Hardtop grande - $2,946
Sportsroof Mach 1 - $3,088

L - 250ci 1V V-8 with 99hp
F - 302ci 2V V-8 with 141hp
H - 351ci 2V V-8 with 177hp
Q - 351ci 4V V-8 with 266hp (Cobra Jet)

- Decor Group
- Door edge guards
- Rear Bumper Guards
- DeluxeBelts
- Electric rear window defroster
- Tinted Windows
- Power front disc brakes
- Power side windows
- Power steering
- AM Radio
- AM/FM Radio
- Vinyl Roof
- Rear Deck Spoiler (Fastback/Mach 1)

*Not all options are included*

Medium Ginger knitted vinyl - CF
Avocado knitted vinyl - CG
White knitted vinyl - CW
Medium Blue knitted vinyl - CB
Black knitted vinyl - CA
Black vinyl - AA
Medium Ginger vinyl - AF
Avocado vinyl - AG
Medium Blue vinyl - AB
Medium Blue (cloth and vinyl) - FB
Medium Ginger (cloth and vinyl) - FF
Avocado (cloth and vinyl) - FG
[Mach 1] Black knitted vinyl - GA
[Mach 1] Medium Blue knitted vinyl - GB
[Mach 1] Medium Ginger knitted vinyl - GF
[Mach 1] Avocado knitted vinyl - GG
[Mach 1] White knitted vinyl
Wimbledon White - 9A
Bright Red - 2B
Medium Metallic Brown - 5H
Blue Glow - 3K
Medium Yellow Gold - 6C
Medium Metallic Blue - 3D
Medium Aqua - 4N
Medium Metallic Dark Green - 4Q
Medium Metallic Copper - 5M
Medium Metallic Green - 4P
Light Blue - 3B
Ivy Glwo - 4C
Metallic Saddle Bronze - 5T
Poly Pewter - 5A (*given to us by a forum user*)
Medium Bright Yellow - 6E
Gold Glow - 6F
Bright Metallic Green/Gold - 4B




It's probably a standard door with the delux panels and handles that someone added. That fits into the typical mistake of calling every 1969 thru 1973 Fastback body style a Mach I, or every 1964 thru 1966 V-8 equipped Mustang a GT. Maybe ignorance is contagious.

YEah I think alot of people get into a car and then see how much it is going to cost fo rhte small things and then take a left turn to cheap road. I cannot blame anyone for that, but I think it would be worth that much more if you stick with it and do it right. Soaring you are the man if I can keep you from crushing me everytime you get on,lol.

71-73 mach 1 didnt come standard with delux interior like the 69-70 cars they were more a tape and decal package with more of the parts being optional

Well that is good to hear, so there is a chance that those are the true doors I see on other Mach ones, I am just trying to figure up the firing order on the options. You know like every 10th one had power windows or tint, or whatever. Most of the options for that year where pretty average. As some of you know I had the Vinyl top but that is one I can live without. I hope you would have a link or so that I could travel to and see this, I like to print this stuff out and trying to do what soaring did but on a very small scale. thanks.


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