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I am sure this topic will be short lived, but hoping to spark some ideas out there. I have been searching for all the options that could have come out on my 1973 or any car for the matter.

 I would also like to see if anyone can explain to me why some mach ones are coming with standard doors or interior or if someone is just going the cheaper route rather than pay that extra money for for the deluxe.

  Where have all the good part site gone? I have found ten site with a vast difference in spoiler prices and cannot seem to quantify one over the other except price.

Lets gets some voice going on this.

If you have time to read this and understand my method or lack there of then reply, come on this is how we help others.

First of all Russ, what exactly is the difference between a '68 Mach1 door and a regular coupe door.  Is it the glass, the tint, the metal, the rubber, or what?

Well I know the panels themselfs are different. I have also seen the radio console have a different look to it. I have seen where that little map light would be just have a mustang emblem, and I have seen of course different seats. I have found a little info on this since the post, but not sure I have really found enough to spit any knowledge just yet. Stand by to Stand by. More to follow

 Are you talking about the interior door panels? I don't think a Mach1 door by itself is different compared to a basic Mustang of the same year.
 I have found Deluxe panels on Ebay and Sacramento Mustang Parts for almost the same price. They are probably available in other stores. Now if a Mach1 has a standard interior is either a basic sportroof or it has been restored with cheaper parts.

Sacramento Mustang parts

Yeah I have seen many people try to say the doors they have are the mach one doors when in fact they are the standard doors, why I don't know. Call me a weirdo but I like to get on ebay and look at car just to point out that untruth about the car. I have even went as far as email some of the sellers and let them know that there info might want to be looked up again before they put it on ebay, and I have got some to tell me to get bent and even a few that said thanks.

 I am really trying to find out if change my rims to the 500 would anyone know, and what all options could have come with that car. I have to get one arm rest for the driver door because of a small cut and found out real quick that you have to get the whole door, and that got me quick lol.


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