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Actually, I was an E-5 back when I served Uncle, but I was a Specialist E-5 and not a buck sergeant with hard stripes.  They saved those for combat infantry Sgts.   The spec 5 patch was an E-4 spec patch with one rocker on the top.  They are not around anymore, but back in the Nam war we were plenty.  My dad was a Tech-Sergeant in WWII.  None of those anymore either. 

So you really cannot tell what options you could really have by your vin, but could one of those Marti report pull it up? I also was reading that 1973 they didn't use the 500 MAGs they use a alum. wheel in replace of 500 and since I wasn't around back then, wink wink, I will need help to see if anyone remembers or can tell me that that is correct. Thanks

A Marti report will tell you how the car came off the assembly line, e.g. all options, and which dealership it was delivered. As to what options were available, California Mustang published a 'Mustang Illustrated Facts Book' that listed 'most' of the options and prices for each year. I don't know if it's still available, so search the net.

i dont know if the mag 500 was eliminated for 73 but there was a new alum mag rim, imho i dont care for them they were a slotted design. i had a set and sold them for extra cash while parting a 73 i had

would you happen to know where I could get a pic of them? I don't know if I have ever seen them. thanks


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