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 so i either broke my clutch cable or my clutch has a catastrophic failure and i dont really want to deal with either problem right now >:(

It's common for the clutch cables to break on those year models.  Look into getting an adjustable quadrant. 

so i took that metal cover off the side of the transmittions where the cable actually connects to it.  and parts of my f-ing clutch fell all over my face!  so the cable is fine and my clutch is a total loss  so should i go with a stock replacement or after market and if so what brand.   :'(

If the clutch cable didn't break, then you need to break the system down and see what broke.  Most likely the clutch plate.  But who knows?  Take her apart and access the problem.  If it is the clutch plate, then consider a modified upgraded plate.  That is what I have in my Mach, and she runs like a Banshee. 

what kind should i be looking for if this is the case


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