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i have a white 67 Mustang, need suggestions on how to bring out the luster of the original paint job. I will paint it in probably one year but need advise to make it look good until then.  ???

You need to get the top layer of dead paint off with a white rubbing compound, then follow up with a good wax like Meguiar's Gold liquid wax.  After that, maintain with a car wash liquid that has wax in it. 

Is that the good wax like Meguiar's Gold liquid can take an advantage? Thanks for the tips!!

Hello Linday and Black Rose18.  Yes, the Meguire polishes and waxes are superior to most others.  But, you must first get the old dried up and dead paint off before using them.  Buy yourself a good buffer and get a white compound to take off the old dried up and flaking paint, then use the Mequires to bring out the luster of the paint.  I should be a salesman for Meguire, but I ain't  ;D Nice try to slip in some free advertisement, huh BlackRose 18?  Didn't work, did it?   ;D

thanks soaring, i have ordered it on line waiting to try it. would you recommend using 1000 grit wet sand paper before the white compound?


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