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Although I have this in the FAQ thread on the classic section, I thought I would share it with all you guys.  Someone asked about filters on an F-150 site I visit, and while I have it copied to my computer, I'll put it here.  I use Mobil 1 oil and Motorcraft filters in all my vehicles mainly because they are just as good as Redline,  Amsoil, K&N, royal purple, etc. and they are a whole bunch cheaper.   Click on the name of the filter to read about it.

great website, I've read some other filter sites as well and everyone pretty much has the insight.

I can say out of all filters I would never recommend Fram to anyone. Seen too many bad things happen with those filters.

Yep, and yet there are thousands of folks still using Frams.   I used them for 40 years without any real bad things happening to my engines because they were a much sought after filter for many years because they had the latest technology of filtration.  The main thing you want to get in a filter is the ability of the filter to hold the oil in it after you shut off the engine, and not drain back into the pan.  That will cause your engine to start up with immediate oil protection to the top of the engine.  For many years, Fram had that capability with the same valve as do the best filters do today, and maybe their expensive filter has that, but will cost you much more than the cheapest Motorcraft.  The word is out, so maybe Fram will go back to being sensible and not wanting to make a profit at the expense of our engines. 

a lot of people are sold on fram because of their aggressive marketing campaign

That's true Stephen, and in many parts places that is all they stock.  The next time you are in Walmart look at the filter shelf, and about 80% of the oil filters being offered are Fram.  Look at the air filters as well.  The cheapest crap you can buy is Fram, but it is hard to find a Wix air filter at Walmart.  They just don't exist, even though they cost about the same as the Frams.  Don't even mention K&N filters.  You damn near have to special order them.  ;D  I got mine at Autozone for my Mach1, and since it is good for a million miles, I guess I won't need another one.   ;D


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