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nw to forums. Having electrical problems


My dad and I are restoring my 68. its my first car and ive had it for about 4 yrs. Well anyways our emergency lights, headlights, brake lights all work, but our turn signals and parking and instrument panel lights dont work. My dads not very good with electrical so we are having quite an issue. Please help!!

Welcome to the forum.  It's always best to check the easy stuff first.  Are any fuses blown?

The instrument cluster illumination is dimmed by the light switch.  Are you sure that the knob is turned fully clockwise?  Are you sure that the connector on the headlight switch is fully mated to the switch?

The turn signals don't work unless the key is in "run".  Is that how you're testing them?  Also, are you talking about the front and rear outside turn signals or the indicators in the instrument cluster?

Thanks.The only fuse that was blown was the short 2.5v one, which we have replaced.
Yes we have turned it full clockwise and nothing. Yes my dad says they are fully mated.
That is how we tested them. Everything that happens when u flip the turn signal is not working.

To get to the second flasher unit, would it be easier to remove the instrument cluster??

I confess I'm out of my depth here because I'm not all that familiar with the 68's.

There are some pretty good diagrams that show locations of components at 

I'll have to look this over a bit more before I can offer any more useful advice.  Maybe another forum member can help more?


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