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no power to fuel pump switch


I need to reset the fuel pump inertia switch but doesn't seem to have power.  Is there a website with diagrams for this.

Welcome to the site. Take a reading of the wire that feeds the inertia safety switch and see if you you have power there.  Those safety inertia switches go south alot, so if you have power to the switch, then you need to replace the inertia switch.  Good luck with it, and come back often. 

I think the manual fuel shut off switch is located in behind the right rear plastic panel inside the car. You'll see a cover that you can remove and there's actually a resettable switch there. Just push it. Or else, it's on the other side.

I did a google search and it pulled up quite a few.  You'll just have to go through them.  You also might want to check your relay.

There are all kinds of wiring diagrams on the internet, and most of them make no sense at all.  Just use some logic.  Start at the end (The switch)  with a multi-meter and check to see you are getting right at 12 volts there.  If you are, then the switch is bad.  If not, then go down river and find where there may be a bad connection.  Just keep going all the way back to the fuse box.  You will find it.  It just takes a lot of sweat in this heat to stay under that dash on your back.  I know, I is painful...especially at my age.  ;D


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