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Hey all, pretty new to the forum, and i dont know jack about cars. I Have my dream car, a 69 fastback, waiting for me to put my time and energy into her. My friend gave me a 302 that came out of his old 84 thunderbird, i have the straight six in her right now. I dont know whether i should put in the boss, or leave the six. Anyways, my uncle has a long history of restoring mustangs, so i'm sure I'll be ok, but i still would appreciate your comments and/or advice. I'm planning on taking the body down to metal, and starting over (with an air powered DA sander). Needs a new interior & carpet. I dont know how to do crap, but i have a digital camera, so i'll be posting my blunders for your entertainment :)

Jerry Baker:
Well I like the V8s very much and if you can get every thing right it would be fine to put it in.  As far a putting one back together Im with you my 69 is at a paint shop now.

I would go with the v8 also because to much power never hurt.  Just pick up some repair manuals from autozone or something.  Mustang magazines at hastings can teach you a lot.  Good luck with your car.  I got a 69 coupe.

Jerry Baker:
So Axpak69 how goes the resto?

Okay bro I am like you I don't know much about mustangs but what I do know is that if you keep it as close to factory as possible then you will get alot more for your money if you ever sellf it. If you plan on keeping it though I would but the 429 CJ in it but that is all on you. The 302 would also be a nice motor even if you made it FI that would really get the judges attention at the shows. Well man keep me up with wha tis going on and tell me how it comes to you. STANG OUT


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