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Newbie needs sound system advice


I have recently bought a 2009 Mustang GT. It has the standard factory stereo setup.(wish i would have got the Shaker 500) I recently put in Sirius and love it. I am wanting to upgrade the sound system(speakers, maybe and amp) I have never done anything like this and i am not sure where to start. I am trying not to spend a fortune. Any advice would be grateful.

If you want top of the line sound you cant beat a bose. Start with the regular speakers in your car and if you still want more get a amp and some subs (1 or 2) (10 or 12 inches should do you fine)  I would recommend Alpine subs and amps if you want to go that route. The sound perfect compared to other systems and give off the perfect bass line.

Since your not trying to spend a arm and a leg, Try getting Kenwood speakers, Pioneers kinda suck. I wouldnt waiste my money on a non name brand. Check out your local walmart see if they have anything you like if not head over to a audio store and talk to them about it.

Thanks for the advice. I was just looking at some Pioneers last night at wal mart. I will know to stay clear of pioneer speakers. You mentioned Bose. I know you mentioned Alpine sub and Amp,How bout there speakers ?

Go to a junkyard and steal the Mach speaker system out of an o3-05 I think Mustang.  They are superior to any aftermarket speaker system. 


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