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newbie going to buy 5.0 soon

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i am definitely going to buy a 5.0 ,i was a owner of the c word. but since i can't beat you guys i'll just join you. besides i 've always liked the look of 5.0 's . just wondering what i should be looking for? i've looked at 4 of them and they look really nice. i just don't know what i should be looking for.

Like any used car, you need to look for rust to the body and abusement to the engine and transmission.  Most 5.0's should have been overhauled by now, so try to get the paperwork proving that work.  Wear and tear on the interior is not really important because that can be replaced rather easily and inexpensively.  Just make sure the body is straight, has not been wrecked and is relatively rust free. 

the question is do you want a fox  or a 94-95?

the 79-93 are lighter, the prefferred way to go for most 5.0 guys is a 87-93 notch it is stiffer and lighter than the hatchbacks and a ton lighter than a vert.

then you have the sn95(94-95) they are a little heavier but are stiffer you can fit wider tires in the rear and have a more aerodynamic look to them the big down side to them is the computer isnt as mod friendly.

Alot of 5.0's I see these days are hacked bad. That would be my main concern, buying one that is not hacked.

Then just look for the things you should look at when buying every car.

Oh one more thing, I would get a Mass Air Car... It will save you the speed density conversion.

Sedan is definitely the way to go if you can find one in good shape. That is the hard part. It's getting harder all the time.


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