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William Nickles:
Bought a 63 Ranchero with what was reported as a 70-72 Mustang 302 engine transplanted.  How can I verify that this engine is indeed a mustang engine.  Where are the numbers stamped on the engine block and is there a chart that would tell me the specs/ID?  What about the tranny #'s.  The previous owner said the drive train came from a donor mustang.  Would like to know year/specs.
Thanks in advance-Bill

Welcome -
The transplanted engine would be difficult to verify as coming from a Mustang as a partial VIN was stamped on the block and may not incluced model type, plant or year. The range of years you have further complicates your quest. The VIN should be on the left rear block under the head (not sure, I don't have any cars or engines from that era). Federal law required the stamping but in typical fashion, federal law and the real world were (and are) far apart. The same applies to the transmission. You might want to do some reading in the FAQ section located in the Classic Mustang Technical Forum.

Here is an engine parts decoder.   If the 3rd digit is a "Z" then it is a Mustang engine.


--- Quote from: Soaring on May 24, 2010, 02:01:53 PM ---Here is an engine parts decoder.   If the 3rd digit is a "Z" then it is a Mustang engine.

--- End quote ---
If you find a "Z" as Glen states in the third position (digit) you will have either a 69 or 70 Boss 302 casting or will make Ford history as no production 302 blocks were made by Ford for Mustangs until 1975.

just enter the vin and go to the bottom and select the year on this handy dandy website and it will tell you what the car should have according to the vin


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