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new or used x pipe

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I know exactly what type of x pipe i want for my mustang gt. I want a bassani o/r x pipe, but is it better to save money and get a used one in good condidtion or spend an extra 150 or 200 dollars and get a new one?

Canyou actually buy a used X pipe?   ???

I would buy the new one. You never know what that used one has been through.

yeah you can i have found plenty of them on craigslist. ;D

What's better? Buy a new car or an used one?
We all have different opinions and no one will know what would be better for you.  ;D
If you want to save some money buy an used one.
If you want something trouble free with a warranty buy a new one.

Personally, for exhaust parts, I would go with the new ones.


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