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This is a test to all FNG's to post something on here. The only way that you will get something rolling.Use this site for all your question.Thierry, Godfather, And Racedrapper have alot to offer. I just like to keep the site fresh so > ASK and you will Race. STANG OUT

hey,i am going to change the gearset in my mustang,it is a 2003 with a little bit of everything optioned on it so it is damn near impossible to finf out any specs,like diff specs,a buddy of mine has a 2000 and put a 3:73 gear set in it but i still kick his ass so i'm trying to figure out what gearset is in my car,so if anybody who has 2003 v8 mustangs can tell me what they are reving at 100 kmh in fifth gear i would appreciate it

you should have a tag on it. but also if he has lower gears then yours and he is tire spinning you will win , plus you prob have taller gears that give you more top end.


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