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NEW INTERIOR in my '65 Fastback!

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If you want to see more of my car's progress just click the link below. ;D

Looks really nice! They did a great job! I'm not a red interior guy but yours does look great  8)

Looks mighty Purdy to me.  I love red.  My Mach  has a red exterior, but sadly a gray interior.  Old man's car.   ;D

Wow that turned out great, congrats.

I've had three red/black combinations cars in a row, a 64 Fairlane Sports Coupe 289HP - black and red interior; a 66 Mustang the other way around - signalflare red with a black interior; and a 69 Mustang Sportsroof 351CID 4V black and red interior. You get stuck on the combination. I see that you also have a "real" wood (as opposed to plastic wood) steering wheel. I got one in a box on a shelf waiting for the right car.


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