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New here looking for help with '66 convertible

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Hi.  I'm from Australia and am looking at buying a '66 GT convertible.  I was hoping that someone may be able to give me some tips on what to look out for when inspecting the vehicle?  Common issues, rust etc?  Thanks  :D


Most of these Mustangs rust just about everywhere.  The most common areas are the floor pans, wheel houses, and front and rear fenders.  You want to walk away from a car with severe rust (holes) in the frame rails and/or shock towers on any Mustang, and you should also walk away if there is rust-through in the rocker panels on the convertible, since much of the body strength comes from that area on the convertible (the convertible rockers are not the same as the coupe and fastback rockers).

The floor pans are not too hard to replace but frame rails (the stubs that support the engine, front suspension and rear suspension), shock towers and rockers are MAJOR issues.

Thank you so much for your help. Great info. From the pics I've seen so far it looks relatively clean but you never know until you get a good look for yourself. Ill keep you posted. :)

Hey. Just thought I'd let you know I had the car inspected by a guy who specialises in Stang resto. He said it was the best he'd seen and if I didn't buy it I was crazy ... So I bought it. Ill post pics when I get the car :)

Oh by the way it's a 65 just realised the typo


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