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New guy - Mustang 2010 GT performance help

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Hi, I'm on my 3rd straight Mustang GT convertible. I love my 2010, but I made the HUGE mistake of driving the 2011. I tried to trade for the 2011 but I'm not going to give away $$ like the salesman(s) wanted. So, I'm looking at adding some HP to my 2010. I just got dynomax mufflers and a k&n filter and the just difference on that alone is phenomenal. So, I'd like to add a few more horse. What else can I do?
Doesn't my 2010 have already cold air intake? My intake is way over to the side like the ones I see.
I see a large variety of performance chips, any of these better than others, and are these ok for my 2010, engine and warrantee? The dynomax made a big difference, I can recommend them, they claim 20hp, and they may be right.
Thanks for any help, I'm all jacked up from the changes I've made so far.

Bueller... Bueller...
Well I thought this was a good question. What about all the sites with $69 performance chips, can those be good?
This is me -

Or a Mustang SCT X3 SF3 Hand Held Tuner?
Seems to run about $100 per hp and "The Performance program is designed to add power at 3000 RPMs and higher, focusing more on the top end horsepower and all out performance driving"
3000 rpms and above seems high, what about lower end?

the fact that your intake is placed way to the side has nothing to do with if its CAI or not its engine placement, everything needs to fit.   generally, stock mustangs do not come with a CAI. my saleen didn't even come with one. [attach=1] i just got a C&L i like it a lot. also you could go the way of new gears, maybe 3.73 , 4.10 if you want to race it. you could also go with a tune and then long tube headers and an x pipe exhaust. thats the rout i'm taking i have the intake, 4.10 gears and the tune. headers and x pipe are next then on to cams. you can easily google your model and find out whats on it stock.

any changes you make you'd have to talk to a ford rep because doing engine work by anyone but ford will void your warranty.

btw i'm trying to beat out the new mustangs also.

Yeah, be careful about adding  power boosting add-on's before checking with Ford.  You still have quite a bit of warranty left on that 2010.  And, if you blow a major component, it will be on your nickel if your warranty is no longer viable. 


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