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 ;D I am sure some one has the same set up i do with their car running good. Just want to see what my car should be running. 1990 mustang gt aod. e303 cam, gt40p heads, ford racing headers shorties, flow masters h pipe with dumps, explorer intake upper and lower ported, 70mm tb, 30lbs injectors with 75 maf, pulleys, electric fan, the heads have the trick flow springs with 1.72 crane rockers, 160 termo,and going to put 4.10 but not on the car yet. I took the car to the track all original and it ran a 16.8 @ 82 now after the parts it ran a 15.1 @ 97 but the maf was not working right i could not floor it or the car would bog i would only take off 3/4 and then floor it on second gear. I know the car should be running better than that. Any one with a similar set up??? Another question is will any thing happen to my car if i am running the stock maf with 30lbs injector till i get a new one??? thanks  ;D ;D

any feed back ;)


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