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new "beauty" rings or sometimes called trim rings on my F 150.


I know it's not a Mustang, but a Ford anyway.  I just bought it because my wife has a lame left arm and can no longer drive my mustangs.  I thought I would wrap her around some Detroit steel and have the automatic stuff sp she can drive to anywhere she needs to go.  The problem with this old 1981 Ford truck with a 351 Windsor, is that the red wheels were ugly.  I bought these trim rings, and at first decided to paint the wheels white, but I think with the rings I will keep them red.  Any thoughts? 

well, wats the color of the rest of the truck? if the wheel color goes with the rest of the car then keep it. or u can paint em black like everyone elses car and truck on the road  :D

mustang eddie:
I own a 85 F150 with black wheels and trim rings! The rest of the truck is red factory color and the combo to me looks sharp even on my old beater. Of course white letters and wide tires do make difference.   NOTHING but FORD parks here!!!!!!!!

If it's a driver for your wife maybe you should let her choose the color? Just a thought.   I'm always trying to keep peace in the family, not as successful as I would like though.

yes dont piss off the spouse u may sleep on the couch that night  ;D


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